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anime_weddings's Journal

Anime Weddings
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 Welcome to anime_weddings! Yes, this is another one of those claiming
 communities, but here you are actually going to marry the character. It's just  something fun to do, and not meant to be taken too seriously. :D;

 Before posting, please make sure to read the rules below.


 1. Check the claims list before making a claim.

 2. You may only marry one character, so think carefully before you post.

 3. Despite the community name, you can claim anyone from anime, manga
     or games. However, you are only allowed to claim one version of the
     character. Meaning if your character appears in both an anime and manga,
     you cannot have him or her from both of them. IN YOUR POST, PLEASE

 4. Only one person per character. If the one you wanted has already been      taken, tough luck. Please do not complain about it or flame the other
     members. If you do so, I will not add you to the list.

     Note: Just so there are no misunderstandings, if someone has claimed,
     say, the anime version of a character you wanted, you may claim the
     manga version if you wish.

 5. When filling out your entry, please put the surname first, and then the
     first name. It helps keep the list more orderly, and easier to look through
     for other members.

 6. After marrying, if you wish to divorce, just make another post to the
     community and I will remove you from the list. You can then marry a
     different character. However, if you're going to do this, at least wait a few
     months between marriages, okay?

 7. If you leave the community or delete your journal, I'll remove you from
     the list and your character will be made available again.

 8. Either use the certificate that will be given to you, or link back like so:
     Example: "I married Uchiha Sasuke @ anime_weddings"

 9. Put "'Til death do us part" in your subject line to show that you have
     read through the rules. :)

Please copy and use this form:


 If you'd like to affiliate with the community, comment here.